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Somewhere in the mountains of Japan, isolated from the rest of the world by mystical wards, lies the land of Gensokyo.

There, Reimu and Marisa live recently uneventful lives, until a twist of fate sends the two outside their home’s boundaries to an unfamiliar town, and into the life of Sumireko, a psychic girl who dreams of visiting Gensokyo.

Is this encounter a mere coincidence...or something more?

One thing is certain--Reimu and Marisa's lives are about to change drastically.


A Shrine Maiden at Hakurei Shrine.
Located in a remote area, her shrine is rarely visited by human worshippers, so she spends her days relaxing and drinking tea while gazing up at the sky.
Though her day-to-day life may be peaceful, Reimu possesses a natural aptitude for both the physical and spiritual arts, and has resolved numerous incidents in order to maintain the balance of power between humans and youkai in Gensokyo. Exterminating evil youkai has become her calling, and she shows no remorse in eradicating them for the safety of humans.
Though she is a shrine maiden, Reimu tends to neglect her official training.

Reimu Hakurei

An ordinary sorceress who lives in the Forest of Magic, working alone and dedicating herself to conducting her research. She possesses a competitive spirit, and others say she can be contrarian.
Gensokyo holds various types of magicians, such as those who are born with magic, those who abandon their human bodies to become magicians, and those who rely on magic to extend their lifespans.
Marisa, however, is a wizard who instead gained the ability to use magic through diligent research, preserving her humanity in the process.
She can be obstinate, but Marisa is still a hardworking person.

Marisa Kirisame

A girl who longs to visit Gensokyo.
A psychic with an excellent academic record, she can manipulate the world around her using telekinesis and pyrokinesis. As she believes that her supernatural abilities make her special, Sumireko is uninterested in human relationships and distances herself from her peers and potential friends.
One day, Sumireko learns that Gensokyo is real, and makes it her mission to find a way to travel to this mysterious world...
A chance encounter with Reimu and Marisa sees her swept up in an adventure outside the scope of her knowledge and beyond her wildest imagination.

Sumireko Usami
Also featuring more than 30 well-known characters from the Touhou Project series!
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