Selecting a Quest

Throughout your adventure, you'll be given two types of quests: Main Quests which advance the story, and Side Quests involving the various inhabitants of Gensokyo. These quests can be accepted from the world map. Use the Left Stick or Directional Buttons to move your character to a destination and select the quest you'd like to take on.

Main Quests

Main Quests involve major plot points within the story. Completing these quests may unlock new facilities and locations.

Side Quests

Side Quests appear as you advance the main plot and are not directly related to the main story. You may earn rewards for completing them. These quests can also be replayed, making for a great way to level up and stock up on items.

Leave No Stone Unturned!

Each stage is filled with enemies, obstacles, puzzles, traps, and of course, treasure. You won't be able to return to Main Quest stages once they're complete, so be sure to explore thoroughly!