Excluding key items received from advancing the story, nearly all items can be equipped. Such equipment includes weapons, armor, and accessories, and can be found by defeating enemies, finding treasure chests, and completing quests. Each item can be set from the Equip tab of the menu screen.

Variable Attributes

Select an item to check how equipping it will affect your stats. While the type of stat boost is based on the item, the degree of that boost is random within a set range. Repeat side quests to find items that best fit your fighting style!


Items come in one of three rarity values indicated by text color: white for Normal, purple for Rare, and orange for Unique. The rarer the item, the greater the stat boost the item gives. However, Unique items cannot have an Item Drop Rate stat boost.

One Fighter's Trash...

Some items may not be suitable for battle, but still have a variety of uses! They can be used to increase certain stats or sold for high prices. Keep that in mind when cleaning out your inventory!