Use attacks and skills to drive back enemies. You have both melee and ranged attacks, so study your opponent's movements and act accordingly!

Hit Combos and Attack Bonuses

Each time you land a successive attack, your hit combo goes up in the top left corner of the screen. Keep landing hits to get a bonus to your attack power. Attack bonuses start at 5 consecutive hits and max out at 50 hits. However, that bonus will wear off if you don't hit anything within a set period of time.

Hit Objects to Maintain your Combo

Enemies aren't your only target! Attacking objects is another way to maintain your hit combo. Take advantage of them when there aren't any enemies around!


When a blue indicator appears from an enemy, press the R2 button to block their attack. Do so with the right timing to execute a perfect guard and temporarily slow down time. This leaves them open for a quick counter attack!

Jump to Avoid a Barrage

A red indicator will appear if the enemy is performing a barrage attack. Trying to block against a barrage will just break your guard, so jump out of the way instead!

Life Recovery

Press the L2 button to use vigor and restore up to 1/4 of your total health. Your vigor will replenish automatically over time. The only way to restore Life while in a stage is by using vigor, so be sure to time its usage strategically!

Passing Out

If you are defeated and your Life hits zero, you can choose to restart the stage or return to the world map. If you fall to a boss, you can immediately try the boss battle again.