Skills and Spell Cards

Skills and Spell Cards are special attacks that can be mapped to particular controls; choose Skills to assign to the A/S/R1 buttons, and a Spell Card to assign to the L1 button. Each of these attacks has its own level, which can be increased to unlock greater attack power, range, or target counts. Skills can be leveled up through repeated use and gained experience, while Spell Cards can be leveled up through certain side quests.

Checking Abilities

You can check and set your skills from the Skill tab of the menu screen. Each skill has a charge time (or CT) that indicates how long the skill needs to recharge.

Level and Stats

Defeat enemies to gain experience and level up. Doing so will increase your life gauge and attack power. You can check your stats and how much experience you need to level up from the Equip tab of the main menu.

Seven Stat Types

There are seven stat types used in battle, which can be enhanced by equipping items. The higher the number, the greater the effect.
Life Increases maximum health.
Attack Increases damage output.
Critical Rate Increases chance of landing a critical hit.
Critical Damage Increases damage output from a critical hit.
Item Drop Rate Increases chance of item drops.
Skill Regen Rate Decreases charge time for Skills and Spell Cards.
Perfect Guard Length Increases duration of time and slowdown after a perfect guard.